Awesomely African -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


For in a way giving the African woman permission to embrace writing about her culture, how awkward it can be, how funny it is, and that we can be proud of it, I say thank you.
You caught my attention with Half of a yellow sun , and as I continued to read your books, you caught my attention with your grace and honesty when you talked about love, race and hair , you still had your accent, the way your hair was done was something I could do back home unafraid, but here in the ‘Diaspora’ I’ve been nervous to do it. 
You had me screaming  ‘ This sister ooooooo!’ 

I love that you rock your hair so fiercely, and you wear those African fabrics so gloriously.
I write about you often….You are amazing!

Why is it so important? 

We lack a considerable amount of black African women on the world stage, those that are not models, or the wives of dictators, but indeed we are rising!

You have shown me that I can rise and still wear my chitenge, and not forget to be kind even in an interview (You asked the presenter if his mother wore a wig because she suffered from Alopecia.How kind of you! )

I just wanted to say thank you, for showing young black African women they can.
We are very similar to black American women that we see so often in the media, but we are black African women.We can aspire to be ourselves.

Even before  your now famous feature on Beyonce’s song, you were and still are such a wonderful beautiful African girl.

So I say thank you, and as I hum the song ‘African Girl’ by Zamajobe  ( you can preview the song, number 11)  I salute you!

African girl,
Do your thing,
African girl, 
Move to the beat,
Shine girl – Move girl,
Princess of the Universe,
Proud lady
African lady
Beautiful girl,
Do your thing,
Beautiful thing,
You are glorified
Shine girl-Move girl,
Princess of the Universe,
Proud lady,
African lady,
Walk that walk,
Carry it with pride,
Hold your head up high,
Beautiful girl,
You glow as the sun kisses your skin,
You walk so gracefully,
You’ve got the groove,
You’ve got the groove,
You are so smooth,

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