Belief and trust

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We struggle in relationships, whether in the workplace, or at home.
You usually don’t get to choose who your family or work colleagues are …but your friends..its all on you.

You pick them, you gravitate towards them, you allow them into your life, into your heart, and when they hurt it you, you call yourself a fool for being vulnerable again, for letting them in time after time.

But  why do you keep going back? 

Most times its a shared experience.. most times its because they believe what we believe.
You may have that one friend that you have known for years, is basically an a – hole… but he is still your buddy because…he believes what you believe and you know this..and you trust this.

So maybe we should ask ourselves as we weigh our friendships, before I walk away..

Do I still believe what  I believed when I became friends with this person?

 Or do they believe what we both believed when we became friends? Do we still trust each other?

Then adjust accordingly. 


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