What could be better than ‘likes’ on social media?

Random acts of kindness…people find this very surprising these days!

What would you do if someone ahead of you in line at the coffee shop decided to pay for your coffee as well. They didn’t announce it, they got their coffee and left, you ordered your oh so complicated hot beverage only to have the barista say.. ‘Oh it’s already been paid for.’
You look around in disbelief for the person, you vaguely remember them, was she wearing a brown coat?
You gush with thankfulness, you smile. Well…that was nice.

That’s how it is with Christ my friend. He paid for it all.

Do you know YOU have the power to totally turn around a persons day by random acts of kindness?
They don’t have to know.
Pay for someone’s coffee or meal in a cafe.
Leave an anonymous bouquet of flowers by a neighbours door.
Remember ecards? You can still send those.
That pair of shoes your best friend has been eyeing that you don’t wear that much anyway? Give them to her.
It feels better than you expect.
Better than all those likes on Social media.


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