Hello! I’m Twaambo Kapilikisha.

I’m  writer  and podcaster.

I want to spill the words contained inside me into to the world. Words that give life!

Words that help make your way through the wonderful, amazing and sometimes totally frustrating life!

What am I working on?

My public speaking skills. I’ve dabbled in radio and podcasting and I feel I am ready to stand on a stage.

A book sitting inside of me that just wont quit.


Whats the most terrifying thing I have ever done?

Moved to a different country not knowing what I was getting myself into.It has happened several times.

Also always laying my heart out openly in my friendships. That is also so scary!

Saying goodbye to being a scientist. Science, its not you, its me.We cant be together anymore.

Here is some info on my work and career.

I’ve written two books that I self published. One on FOMO (fear of missing out) and the next steps to take when you have gone through what you think is the biggest failure.



I’ve written for other blogs like Yes and Yes, Frolicious and From a Wild Flower.

I’ve was awarded the 2013 ‘Aspiring Youth award’ from the Africa Youth Foundation in Germany for my work with Africans in the diaspora.

I’m currently a scriptwriter, writing delicious funny ads for some of the ads you see on television.

I’ve  made people laugh, cry and most importantly ask relevant questions to life’s sometimes surprising situations.

I’ve broken hearts, had mine broken and all in all accepted that it has been an interesting journey.

What may be relevant to some.

I was born in Zambia, currently living in Germany. My favourite things in the world are books, Woody Allen movies and boy bands. I love a good hand cream, and tantalising conversation. I love to encourage and explore, and be totally vulnerable and brave at the same time.I do believe in God, love asking him my complex questions because I know he is not afraid of them at all.

Thank you so much for visiting my  part of the world wide web.

I hope you find something here that brightens your day a little bit more


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