What would you do if your daughter was abducted whilst she is at school, and is sold off for $12?
This is what is happening right now in Nigeria.
The number of girls has in fact risen to 276.

For some people this is just another story about problems in Africa, why cant they get it together, its time for the African Union to act etc etc. I hear you.

This is just not about them though. Women are abducted everyday, off the streets in many different countries.

Many believe that sex trafficking is something that occurs “somewhere else.” However, many of the biggest trafficking consumers are developed nations, and men from all sectors of society support the trafficking industry. There is no one profile that encapsulates the “typical” client. Rather, men who purchase trafficked women are both rich and poor, Eastern and Western. Many are married and have children, and in some cases, as was reported in one New York Times article, men have sex with trafficked girls in lieu of abusing their own young children. (source)

These 276 girls were abducted, they are from poor families

and all they were doing was trying to get an education.

Why should we keep talking about it? we have to keep the 

story alive, this puts pressure on authorities, influences 

culture and makes us more aware of how to protect 

ourselves and the people we love!

We need to #BringBackOurgirls. Tweet about it, instagram it, facebook it!

This is a problem bigger than you believe!

image courtesy of Sherida

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