Those little promises you make to yourself …

The little Ford Capri that could.
That my friends is the ford Capri (1 1300, the year 1971, what you know about that?) that was supposed to drive M and I to Neubrunn (Do NOT bother looking up on the map where that is!) , to pick up another car so that we could go and see Mrs Carter tear up the stage, in Munich.


We left while it was still pretty dark, we’ve driven this route before so it was pretty familiar.The Capri doesn’t have a stereo system so we had cranked up the Mac book Pro and were listening to some beats…when in a small town called Goldbach (Again..put the map away) the Capri died….chug chug chug..stop.This is also not the first time this has happened either!
Lucky enough we were driving past a lay-by area so we pulled in and felt the warmth quickly escape from the car interior. Took a deep breath and had some decisions to make.
Four hours later we were in Neubrunn, had lunch, picked up the other car which guys, by the way, was not so fancy either but we gunned that engine, with our bottle of champagne in the backpack.
Oh, we got to Munich in time, met my friend C and toasted to what a great night we were going to have.
Boy did we have a good time!
This is one thing that was on my internal bucket list.
See Beyonce  in concert.
One thing I learnt from this experience is ..if you really really want it, you will make it happen.
Braving the cold, being in  a small town Germany in the middle of nowhere, battling the masses (okay not really , we had good seats) and ugly crying while she sang ‘Halo’…
I wanted this, and made it happen…how can this translate to other parts of my life?
Not just the outside elements of braving the cold etc, but the inner conviction of ‘This is what I want!’
Does this mean that if something didn’t happen then I really really didn’t want it?
I don’t know, for some things, maybe, I am secretly afraid..and that shows up in reality.
We also ended up buying ‘The Bucket List’ DVD for some pretty awesome older people we know and they loved it!
Anyway, been doing a bit of scribbling still, on Diasporan Darlings, and have also been hosting the radio show all by myself..pretty cool huh?
Loved this interview of Lady Gaga, and a few other women I thought I should share, and also check out Issa Rae’s interview on there as well.She’s awkward…and she’s black.
What little things have you promised yourself inside that you are going to do..and are working towards..even sometimes unconsciously?


  1. What radio show?

    I don’t have anything like a bucket list, but I do have a daily goal of making the most of my time. The problem is that I’m a professional procrastinator, a chronic time-waster. Some days I succeed at using my time well, others I don’t. When I fail it’s because, as you said, I didn’t really try.

  2. You know, I loved the idea you were driving around in a 40 plus year car, have a backpack, going to a concert but still had a bottle of champagne!!! That is what being young is all about. I am so jealous!! only kidding had my little adventures too, enjoy yours:)

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