Celebrating feeling appreciated

When fall is imminent, and the weather gets dreary, I start to look for things to celebrate. ( Note this post !)

I got a surprise email from Rachel Lopez of the Hindustan times (India… if you were wondering:) ) for an interview for my ebook about FOMO ( fear of missing out). It was a great conversation that spanned different time zones and made my heart flutter.
You know why?
I felt appreciated. 
She was not just interviewing me, she got to know me, she made me laugh, she asked interesting questions. She appreciated my humour (that’s a big one!) ( I also told my friends who’s parents are living in India to look out for the article, yes I felt that good, and proud of myself.)
Sometimes that’s all a person needs is to feel appreciated for something they are doing. 
Not just with a ‘thank you'( this is important mind you!), but really delving into the conversation and showing genuine interest.
I’ll work harder to do the same for the people around me!
You can read the article Hindustan times finally published here
or get the FOMO ebook for yourself.
  1. Anonymous

    Yayyyy, congrats on the article lady!

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