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Sitting at a dinner table, long after the dinner has been cleared, the lighting is low, the wine still flows, the laughter is in abundance. 

You stare at their faces, your heart feels so glad, you are at ease.
Dinner with friends. Dinner with funny friends, dinner with funny friends you have known since you were wee high, friends you wish you saw more often.

What is so special about this moment? 
Of course the Bordeaux is divine, yes the duck was moist and the chilly sauce accompanied it like a dream, desert was a delicacy…..
   ……..but most importantly it was the connection.

The connection you have with these people, connection at this point which has nothing to do with technology, nothing to do with how much each of you is earning, or who had the best selfie that day.

This is about the essence of who you guys really are, where you are at the moment in your lives, and the fact that you are accepted as you are.

Don’t make these times few and in between…. 

‘ We need to do this more often..’   one of you probably chimes…..

Don’t talk about it, be about it. 
Connect, more often, more openly, and more authentically.tweet this!

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