Daring and Celebrating.

Fall creeps closer and closer but summer is holding on!
It was so warm today 🙂
Had one foggy day….

Been enjoying the weather,drinking some Federweisser and Federroter (really sweet white and red wine,made from the first grapes of the harvest) went on a hike (hiking is not my thing..no..no.)

Went back to First Flush tea room..love that place!

I  had a few moments in the past week in which I was thankful,and in awe of a few things.
First of all I was thankful for the ability to read.I love to read,been reading for ages!I used to read EVERYTHING!..in some emotional turmoil I guess I kind of put it on the side..and I’m getting back into it.New Yorker anyone 🙂
I also got in contact with a girlfriend of mine that I went to school with.We called her Chamwari 🙂 she was always very sweet and was little and had this sweet little baby voice and seemed very fragile.In living her life she showed me that she was bigger,stronger,louder than I would have ever thought!She went through turmoils in her health,she had 3 babies and a husband to take care of,and she pulled through.With the support of her husband,her family,her close friends she made it through.I had the opportunity of having a ladies tea 😉 with her and some of the other girls we went to school with.It was so good to see her and her strength,wow.She picked herself up and dusted herself off  and was having tea with us.She also asked us her girlfriends for help with something she felt she needed help with.She was strong and also open…to ask for help.Something that a lot of people do not do……simply ask for help.
There is strength in asking for help.So…Chamwari..you rock!
I also learnt to try something even if I am afraid..from a little dog,we were sat by the river and she tentatively walked towards the water …you could tell she was dying to jump in,but she was taking small steps into the water each time…when a wave would wash onto the shore from passing boats… she would jump back..but when it was calm she would go in with her teddy bear feet  ðŸ™‚

Sometimes slowly does it I guess..
Today was another day spent in the sun,eating ice cream cones,shoes ff in the late afternoon..

So,as the fall comes..I’m glad that it is coming as slow as possible,I love that we have the golden leaves falling off the trees…but its still summer warm.Kudos to Chamwari for being so good,so strong and pulling through…with an appreciation for life that makes me wonder and smile.Thanks to puppy dog for showing me to keep trying,even whilst nervous to step into the water.Thank you to the gift of reading,for with it I have explored worlds I would have never ever dreamed about.Danke!
If you have someone to celebrate..let them know..like I have 🙂

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