Everybody knows I love Beyonce.
 (I’ve written a post on seeing her in concert.Yes, I will be at the next one. (Update – I was at the Mrs Carter show in Cologne. Amahhhzing darling!)

There are many reasons I could write about why I love her.
Her new album came out the other day.
Blew my mind (as well as so many other people.I see you!)
For her song flawless she features Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk on feminism.

Mind shattered.

Her doing that connected her with African women on another level.

Of course African women love Beyonce, we have danced, laughed cried, gotten dressed for a night out to her music for A VERY LONG TIME!
But with this, yes, an African woman was being heard.

A glorious African woman who made our summer 2013 all the more better by giving us the amazing book Americanah .

It doesn’t matter that Beyonce herself is a black woman, but the fact that she has Adichie on her track, a woman who has threaded her hair like me, a woman who has worn chitenge like me, a woman had has a name that’s difficult for some to pronounce like mine…..

That tickles me to bits to say the least.

I have not in my lifetime seen or heard a pop/ RnB song featuring an African author that is a woman.
(If there is one please let me know.)

Beyonce then talks about all her trophies, the things she missed out on and the way she conformed and got all those trophies for doing so.

She talks about how sometimes no matter how hard you have tried, you lose. (Hands up all who agree..)

All the trophies sometimes do not add up to what really really matters to you. 

What does it mean when you are conforming for something that you don’t even want? ( People conform to get things they want… but for something you don’t want?!)

When it in no way relates to the little things that make you feel like your heart is fizzling like a sparkly?

It feels amazing to write you here, and you don’t read all the time to be honest, but you know what…even then I am still here writing because it feels good to ME! I love to do this.

My gift for you today is this. I don’t know for why you need to hear this, and which part of your life you can apply it to, but I hope you leaves you asking questions, questions you will no doubt find the answers to, in your heart.

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