December dreaming..

Its the first of December…the magic is now officially trickling down from Santa’s workshop, like fairy dust…and if you open your eyes real just might see it falling softly,like glittery snow…all around you..
Its frosty and cold out there,icy,it has not snowed yet….but I hope it does soon 🙂

Hot chocolate,little Santa figurines sitting around,and staying inside….have not started with the Christmas music yet..but why not?
Why is it ridiculous?
Why isn’t it okay to try and make it as magical as it was when you were younger? Of course lately its more commercial (could it also be that when you were little you weren’t bombarded with all the commercialism (because you went to the store only once..or made all your gifts out of paper anyway?) and you stayed wide and starry eyed?) 

Also gifts were well thought of and not recycled crap you got from a distant family one year and then passed it on to your unsuspecting cousin..tsk tsk… or picking a name out of the box so that everyone feels included but you really could not care what said person received you do the minimum,socks,scarves,candles…stuff that they have plenty of anyway…sigh..or how about the no gifts at all rule?(which is fine, if everyone has everything,and you just don’t need ANY MORE, the kids don’t need any more TOYS, no new gadget,nothing!)

How about playing secret Santa to someone in your building?
It sucks if your neighbours are difficult (hear hear!) about Grumpy at work?Or old lady down the street,or a charity of your choice..a charity that you know is accountable and needs funds for something,or your time?
Those books sitting in your basement?give them away..those old baby clothes (the kid is 5 years old now for crying out loud,and you’ll be surprised at how many mothers these days do not buy baby clothes new but get them from their friends and family,because those lil ones grow so fast!) 
Find someone that is going to have a baby and give them to her.With a smile on your face…what do you think?
For all the cynics out there who read the above and made a Scrooge face (I see you!) today is also World Aids day.
AIDS is real,its not just some disease affecting people in Africa or affecting only the gay community or drug addicts.Its real…and some people that have it do not talk about it,will not talk about it, some will continue to infect others with it, because they are angry and want to take as many people with them as they can.You may not know someone directly that has died from HIV/AIDS related diseases,but you have been affected one way or another.
(Maybe Grumpy at work lost husband/wife to the disease or has it themselves!)
Talk to our sexual partner about it, husband talk to your wife,wife talk to your husband about it, get tested, its good for you and will keep you and your children HIV and AIDS free.
Believe it!

Since it is the first its also time to open the first present of your advent calendar wohhoooo!

I got one, full of different teas 🙂
An advent calendar is used to celebrate and count the days towards Christmas.For Christians it is also a expectant time and preparation for the coming (birth) of Jesus Christ. (Amen!) So…lets be merry,go the Christmas market if you have one,eat something that you loved as a child around this time of year..just be happy.Put it all behind you and make this one a happy one.My first advent gift to you is this video
Watch it all!

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