Do what is right, not what is easy!

Why are we asked not to engage in a physical oneness with someone that is not your spouse?
Why is it okay to be so intimate with so many people?

Why does it make me normal to have a large number of men parade in and out of my life,becoming a part of my soul and then for one reason or another not being a part of my  life anymore and letting the next one come in and do the same thing?

I know, you’ve had this debate time and time again,with yourself and with others.
Whats wrong if you love someone to give them your all?

Ask yourself honestly, how do you feel inside when you do?
Its exhilarating, its erotic its what you dreamed of, its made you feel closer to the person but be honest just for one moment…what did you really feel in your heart of hearts?

Was there a slight nudge? Did you not feel as complete as you thought you would?

Why does it feel so empowering when you are in that alone phase of your life, to not be sexually intimate with someone? Yes you long for arms to hold you and talk to you, but what you are yearning for is an intimacy that comes from simply just being with a person and loving them and loving you and not necessarily being sexually intimate with them.

What you long for is a heart connection, knowing that it doesn’t matter whether you are in the mood or not, whether you perform this act or not, whether you are more daring than their last partner…what you yearn for is an acceptance of your heart,with its faults, its insecurities, its wants and needs….being physically intimate should be a bonus…to that person that looks at you and takes..all of your heart, completely.

How do you know who the  person is? 

What if you have believed that every person you have been intimate with was that person?

Have you really though? Every single person?

Why are you hiding behind the physical and not showing the person your heart, that messy scared part of you?

Is being sexually intimate and  sexually compatible at the top of your  list for making a relationship work?

Its easy to jump in the sack..its hard to be real and say..I’m afraid, I feel incompetent..I have issues…how about doing that first then showing them  what a tiger you are in bed later?

After all if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ….. well then……you got quite a Goliath to kill.

Think about it!

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