Stop! Do you.

You know them….they are so well put together, everything that comes out of their mouths is so witty and funny and CLEVER you could gag.
Everybody seems to like them, migrates to them like a gnat shut in a dark room, drawn to the lonely lit lamp in the corner.


You barely get thirty seconds of eye contact, nothing but fake smiles your way…. or you open your mouth and oh no!They have to go / dash/ teleport.

You feel like crap.Nobody likes you. #POUT

You are comparing and CONSTANTLY coming up short.

As hard and bland as this advice sounds..stop.Do you.

If that involves you not speaking so much, well then..do you. Your humour, your writing, your singing, your job, your way of loving, your comb over,
your style, your books,


There is only one you.Original.One of a kind.A different kind.But still only one
 (‘OONNEEEEE’ – Bono voice!)

Go out there and DAZZLE you spunky glitter bomb you!


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