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Are you afraid of missing out (got FOMO)?


You know the feeling.

You go and meet some friends for a coffee, and then you all sit around the table, with your coffees, and your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.
You laugh at the jokes absentmindedly, as you quickly skim through the #ThatGirlIsCrazy  tweets, what you are doing really is laughing at what is on your timeline.
You and your friends decide to order some food, and your friend makes a picture of that amazing salad,
another friend constantly takes pictures of your outfits
 #GirlsRule #FashionIsMyPassion #BestiesInVesties
You get through the coffee date …….. it was so much fun! 
In fact, your social media accounts had more fun than you did!
You have to be everywhere all the time because you have the fear of missing out. (FOMO).
I had it.I’m in FOMO recovery.
I always had my phone at dinner with me.
Of course I have to reply to ever WhatsApp message, yes I have to be a part of the important discussion on twitter about politics in my country, or saving money or whatever else we have going on ( hey twitter followers lol !)
At the end of the day, I was exhausted!
I had one friend tell me I was addicted t my phone…which I quickly put away as she said it, guiltily as I exclaimed “No I’m not!”
I soon realised that I had to change my ways.
After figuring out what was so bad about my habit 
( first thing I reach for in the morning is my phone and not just to turn off the alarm!)
I figured out how to curb my FOMO and I wrote you guys a short guide on how to deal with it as well.
I write some tips on how to curb your FOMO in a world that is ruled by social media.
You can get it the ebook here
I really hope you enjoy it!
Please go ahead and review it on amazon once you have read it!
I appreciate it!
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