Guilty biologist.

What happens when you ask your fear about something in particular questions?
You get to know a yourself more.
I have been feeling a lot of anxiety with school for the past three weeks or so.
Its been hard.Those that know me know what a journey this has been.
People are rooting for me,and I appreciate them.
I have been feeling a lot of apprehension about my studies though.

I sat down with this fear and asked myself why I am feeling like this?
I fear I am not good at it.I am not a good biologist.
Doing experiments does not give me goose bumps.I feel guilty about that.
Then Big T called.Told me I dont need to be.There were parts of everyones studies that were not so exciting.
I feel like I am still walking the path in the picture up to one of those white capped mountains,with hopefully the Von Trapp family sitting up there,waiting with cocoa so we can sing ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ in unison,in tune and with warm hearts.

What else does my fear tell me?
I feel I am greater than this,I want to live for something greater.
What is the greater thing?I don’t know.That scares me still.
Now I am asking what is my anxiety telling me?
What can it teach me?
This blog post had me delving into it.
Yes I’m still here,learning about myself.By asking questions.
Are you still doing that too?


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