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Speaker. Writer. Creative Consultant.Coach.Wordsmith.

I love to create things that make people feel something or write to unblock feelings that have held people back. I love to stand on the stage and look the audience in the eyes and let them know they can and they will.

I love directing video content and ideating concepts for company advertising and branding. I love fleshing out ideas and polishing them until they shine.

Whether I am talking about creativity, television advertising or motivational topics, my vulnerability and honesty allow me to connect in a special way with my audience.

Want to work with me?

Great news! Reach out at twaambo@trulytwaambo.com and let me tell you about some of my services which you might not know about. *humblebrag*


Motivational Speaking

  • What happens after you graduate? (October 2015 -Lusaka)

Moderating Events

  • Relaunch of Africa Fashion Day Berlin to Fashion Africa Now ( July 2016 -Berlin)

Workshops/ Panel

  • Embracing the natural you – Natural hair workshop (June 2014 -Bonn)

With my natural conversational style and from what I’ve been told “a smooth easy to listen to voice rich with carefully curated confidence and care”, I speak on exploring who we are, where we are going and the inner work needed to get there. I’ve been featured on sites like Black Women in Europe , Zedhair and Youtube . As past winner of the Aspiring African Diaspora Youth Award from the African Youth Foundation in Germany, I have also helped young Africans and those in the Diaspora get their voices heard and spread the word about what they are creating.



Blog Posts


With my general interest in people, I want to craft thoughtful pieces that help you make your way through this wonderfully amazing and sometimes frustrating life. (Also update your bio where I lifted that bit and change that you are working on your speaking skills to say that you are working on growing your speaking engagement clientele 😉 , also fix the spacing in the different sections, some are double and some single). I’m currently a scriptwriter, writing witty funny ads you might have seen on television.Through my words people have laughed, cried, and most importantly asked questions to life’s sometimes surprising situations.

Podcasting (Digitally speaking)

I’ve had the joy of hosting a radio show is called Diaspora Truth , this was amazing because I was learning so much about different topics and discussing them with people while having the opportunity to sometimes speak my mother tongue . This naturally evolved into the Diaspora Truth Podcast featured on the prominent site Ezibota. I have also been apart of Zambia Blog Talk Radio as I have a passion for Africans like me living abroad. I’ve also directed and hosted another podcast called Getthismane (read Get this mayyynee) with Dusseldorf American expat Carla. Just two homegirls talking about different issues that are relevant to black women.

So that just about sums it up, and these are the topics that I’m usually spouting words about:

  • asking yourself the hard questions
  • ideation
  • shame
  • failure
  • bouncing back
  • relating with other people
  • encouragement
  • young Africans and showing the world that we are indeed the future
  • general awesomeness

So go ahead, make my day so I can make yours.

Send me an email at twaambo@trulytwaambo.com  so we can get the ball rolling!

Looking forward to working with you.