How is your anxiety serving you?


So….anxiety.How is that working for you?

It helps you formulate how horribly wrong everything will go,how you will have to put out that imaginary fire,how you will miss the bus and will have to walk 20 minutes to get to where you need to be, how the phone lines won’t work because the other person is going to a not so developed place, how the bills won’t be paid on time…how someone will be incompetent……just confusing you even more, making you irritated, sad, mad…..just making things even worse!
What is anxiety for anyway, some people say it makes them get things done (ugh…this doesn’t work for me, I’d probably just do a shoddy job)..
What good does it do to think you’re doomed?

This relationship will not work, I won’t do well in this exam, this will never work….how is that helping you?
No really? How?
To me, it seems like a waste of energy when you could be working on getting things going anyway….what if it goes well. Why don’t we ever prepare for good things to happen to us?
If this relationship works where will we live, how will it work with our careers?

If I make this money how will I invest it?How can I help my family with it?When I finish this degree how will I go forward? Will I study further?What will I do when I get that book deal? that part in a movie?
So two questions.
1. How is your anxiety serving you?
2. How are you preparing for the good to happen to you?

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