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How to choose yourself.

There is so much information on the internet.
I’m talking about self-help information. Do it yourself information. Think this way information. This is what works information. Just take it all in and don’t ask questions information.

From getting emails from the universe (I’ve done this one…some of them were so cooool, really had me thinking about a tonne of stuff) to all the other start ups from ‘The Secret’, to radical self help manuals (no I did not pay for any of them)….the list goes on….and some of it is really really good information.

The question is..what exactly are you looking for and how are you trying to get it?

My biggest issue has been a self-love of sorts.

But you’re such an ‘amazing’  person why would you do that? 

Its hard work being amazing. Its hard to not know what to do with it, try and label it, contain it and put in a box (they said to think outside the box, I wasn’t really listening, being in the box was the in thing dontcha know!)

I held no COMPLETE self-acceptance but worked on perfecting those around me. 

I  could pinpoint and fix (or so I thought) what was wrong with them and effectively run away from my own issues.
I also read a lot on the internet about self-improvement, loving yourself more (yes a nice bubble bath works but if your mind is not right…you will keep paying those water bills baby)….

I have spent literally years reading this stuff, recommending some of the web pages to my friends, discussing the topics..gosh it even wears me out just thinking about it.None of it though could help me until I just chose me.

Yes indeed!!!!!!

I’d been choosing to fix everybody else, cleaning my apartment (by the way my flatmates friends come over just to look at our bathroom…we have quite a reputation at her university 🙂  )

How did I choose me? How do you choose yourself?

I chose to really listen to myself.

It started with little things, like deciding to not show up in places I didn’t want to be  

Not doing what I HAD to but what I wanted to.

Now. I am not saying do not get help online. Or that all the self-help stuff is wrong or bad or that if someone that needs help should shun its use…I’m saying that I found that what the self-help blogs said all along was true…it starts with me.

There are so many articles that are worth reading there from time to time.

Listening to yourself before you jump into all the information will save you time.
Pinpoint exactly what you want and navigate your way to find what would work for you the most.

So go on skiddaddle outta here sunshine. It starts with you!

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