I give up….

If anybody knows me really well they know I’ve been through truckloads of shite.I’ve had it coming out the ears,I’ve blubbered through it but ALWAYS I kept on truckin!I should be the poster girl for the new trucker hat trend because I have just taken hit after hit after hit and I always got that dirt off my shoulder like Jay z and kept on keepin on….

Not advocating drinking here…I have a bottle of Port wine staring at me in the face…I’m old enough to know that the answer at the bottom of the bottle is ….Paracetamol. I am dog tired.I am tired of fighting a particular battle and I feel like shite.I know that this is what I am supposed to be thinking..

I do not feel like that right now.One thing I do know is that it is okay for me to feel like this.The fight in me is gone,I do not need any speeches on how many times Thomas Edison failed…or Einstein bla bla bla……blurgh! 
I feel like sitting this one out.Maybe this is regroup time,maybe it really is time to look into something else and not be afraid of exploring new things. I feel like this..

What do you think?

Is there ever a time you have felt that giving something up was the answer and it actually helped?…like a superhero that took a huge shot int he face.
I need time out like Batman did.
I need clarity.I need it to stop.I need to stop moving,maybe even retract a little.For what it is and how it is now?I give up.Not on myself,not on life,but on having the same thing happen over and over again and not stop and figure out why,how….. I give up.

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