If I had a time machine….

I would say to my 12 year old self…
‘Just because you answered that really complicated science question in class doesn’t mean you were meant to be a doctor,…’
and ..
‘He’s dating her  because of her fathers social standing,but also because she’s easy,don’t sweat it!’

To my 13 year old self….
‘Its a new school,new experience,new people from very very different walks of life.Embrace it!’

To my 14 year old self…..
‘She’s mean because she’s insecure.Don’t sweat it’

To my 15 year old self….
‘Dont roll your eyes at her like that,she is one of the bestest friends you will ever have’
love you Lina!

To my 16 year old self…..
‘I’m proud of you for closing the door so swiftly on that guy that’s cheating on you’
‘Dont take the fall for your crazy friend.She’s crazy!!!’

To my 17 year old self…..
‘Love is not like the Westlife songs!I admire your bravery,for believing so much in love,for going after what you believe in.Keep a little for a self though.When it hits the fan,most of the people you are putting so much trust in will let you down.God will bring you through…remember the strength lies within you’

Most of all I’d tell myself how bloody fantastic I am all the time.Hearing it from myself makes all the difference in the world!

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