‘I’m proud of you’

I so long to hear those words,from my father.
Having lost him at a very young age and missing him at certain points in my life, I often wonder if he is proud of me.
Is he rooting for me?
Does he approve of the decisions (some) I’ve made?
Would he pat me on the back and say those words that I so long to hear …”I’m proud of you” ?

Who do you long to hear these words from…also most importantly who are you not saying these words to?Who needs to hear that you are proud of them?


I’m proud of my little sister,for hanging in there,for staying with the fight,for not letting those rainy days get to her,for being so business-savvy,for ALWAYS knowing when to walk away.
I’m proud of you lil sis.
I’m proud of my brother for being a funny guy,for always being good-natured,for being the daddy to his son that we wished our father was to us, for being a good husband and being a cool person to look up to.
I’m proud of my  Mum,for raising 3 decent kids all by herself,for instilling good values in us in a world so full of criticism she could have just ran into another mans arms and given us up.For standing so strong.
Of these three people I am so proud.
I need to work on telling myself what I am proud of,it’s also always hardest to tell yourself why you are proud of yourself,as you always look for ways to improve yourself (at least I do),is it a belief that I am not good enough?there is a thin line there.
I’m proud  for standing up for myself about something today,and for looking after myself by standing up for myself 🙂
Starting small.
Who will you tell that you are proud of them today?
  1. Daphne kapilikisha

    I am proud of you Twaambo.

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