Jogging and marshmallows….

Went for a run today….I’m not a runner.I’m the one that cheers you on and waits for you at the finishing line with a congratulatory elegant glass of wine darling.

I just had to go and do it, winter in Germany, lots of pasta, potatoes and cookie consumption felt like a huge lump in my tummy…and was starting to look like it frankly.. 
I was surprised though at how it cleared my head.
(the song ‘Without you’ by David Guetta and Usher is a great song to run to by the way…also anything Beyonce, knowing what that girl looks like just spurs you on man..)
 Anyway,I wondered,if a persons dedication to running a set distance without giving up even if they feel like they might die!(As I did today!) is directly correlated with not giving up in other areas of your life as well. If you can commit to getting to the other side of the hill(jogging that is)…are you more likely to accomplish your goals?

Reminds me of the Marshmallow test and its findings.Should be the same thing don’t you think?

Been listening to Jimmy Nevis hailing from Capetown, SA. 
I definitely prefer his quirky strumming to Jack Johnson.

Had a great conversation with a friend who reminded me to live one day at a time..

You cant live six months in advance she said.
You can only work with what you can control she said…all this on a day when I decided jogging was something I needed to do. So as I ran the last few meters to Usher singing ‘Withooooooooouuuuutttt yyyyooooouuu!’ I felt the endorphins surge and I felt good about myself.
First run was good!

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