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How limiting beliefs box us in

Sittigng in silence and regrouping is what most of us do when we feel overwhelmed. After such a session I realised how I’ve been boxing myself in, how I have let my own limiting beliefs about what success is, and HOW to get there have held me back for a long long time.

I have believed that in order to be successful there is only one way.

I have agreed with others that ‘ Of course there isn’t only one way!’

But I secretly believed there was only one way.

I factored in my age, my background, my family, my sex…..I had a huge limiting belief that there was only one way to success. 
I’ve been trudging that road and have gotten nowhere. 
What made going on this road more bearable?

What made me continue other than my hidden limited thoughts (really well hidden, didn’t even know they were there!)

Part of it was all the good times I made myself have, to cope with being on the journey.

You know how you talk about what’s great about a city, so many tapas bars, cool jazz lounges….great vibe…..but it’s just not the perfect fit…so you frequent the jazz lounges to make yourself have a good time and use the city to full advantage!!!!

But alas! You believe that you are limited to the city you are in and you are not thinking of the possibility that some other city is so much more than you could have ever imagined!
You have limited yourself..not actively…but you have believed deep down that…living in a city with cool jazz lounges is whats it!

What else could you ask for?

Well, you won’t know because you have not allowed yourself to ask….you have believed you are not allowed to ask…… 
So this is what they meant by thinking outside the box the whole time…….
I think what the struggle is, is ‘HOW?’ 
How do I take another road without looking like a complete jackass?

How do I do I without wasting all the time I have invested into the first part of the journey?
That my the bloody question.

  1. “HOW?
    How do I take another road without looking like a complete jackass?”
    This question keeps ringing in my head….awesome Piece.

  2. Nevertakeshitfromanyone

    Miss TK…. If you are being you (who is sooo great and of whom I am soooo proud) you should not give a rat’s ass what anyone outside of your own heart and soul thinks.

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