Little time..more productivity

So, as I move swiftly towards Christmas holidays, where I know I will get any school work done….and then the end of the semester will swiftly be upon me,I need to be more productive…..and Cal Newport is the go to guy.

He has a lot of cool ideas on getting work done on time and still having time left over for some fun at the end of the day.
One great article he wrote asks the question what is your time worth?I’ll admit this is not something that I have thought about it at all.What is my time worth?What is low value work?How am I wasting my valuable time? you can look at the link here

In other news, Yes and Yes are looking for people to help write mini travel guides, so if you are or have been to some of the countries mentioned in the post,maybe you can help?
You can take a look at which countries she needs mini travel guides for here
Due to the subject at hand,I’ll sign off and come up with a better productivity plan.

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