Magical December – Day 9

Todays gifts are podcasts!

Do you guys listen to podcasts? I do. 
They are great for on the go, you learn something as you commute!

My friend Chileshe introduced me to Radiolab on NPR some years ago and I am still listening to it.They are debunking myths, being funny but also incredibly smart whilst doing it!

One of my favourite ones they have done is about the Heimlich Maneuver .

The next one is by Michael Hyatt and his podcast called ‘This is your life’ – how to delegate when you dont have a staff

The Moth podcast has some real hilarious stories, some are sometimes quite unbelievable!

TED radio hour also from NPR puts together various podcasts together according to  theme.Thats a great way to get diferrent opinions on the same subject – like these on Success. I loved the ‘Can you smile your way to success?’ podcast

The guys from Freaknomics ask – Do baby girls cause divorce , helping the common man understand deeper things 🙂

Grammar girl – please lets help ourselves! Please!

There you go!

All these podcasts are available free on itunes I believe so go ahead and subscribe to stay current.


What podcasts are you listening to? I’d like to listen to what you’re listening to.


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