Making decisions that work for you.

If you want to learn a lot about life… Be a frequent commuter on the Deutsche Bahn.
Today the train that I usually take to work had trouble and we had to reroute.

The train driver patiently announced that there were problems and we would have to go a few stations back in order to reroute and continue our journey forward.

There was the option of getting off this fast train, getting on a slower train and continuing the journey,


staying on the fast train, going back to some stations and then continuing forwards.
With dramatic groans, shuffling of feet, rolling eyes… the mad exodus to the next platform began.

Apps were launched, looks of panic and droves of people milled on the platform.

The crowd continued to swell and I realized.. this option was not going to work, there were more people on that platform than the coming train could hold.

Meaning that people would have to wait for the next one and probably the next one as well to get going.
Sigh. Was that the answer?

Even whilst the crowd swelled, the bigger train still waited a few minutes.
I thought that people could look and realize that it would not make sense to keep waiting in the cold and the rain and still probably take the same time to get to the destination.

Not everything that people are flocking to is the answer for you.

There is also nothing wrong with changing your mind.

I too got off the train to catch the smaller one. I am on my way to work and would like to be there on time. But looking at how many people were trooping down those stairs .. It did not make sense to fight to get I to the smaller train ( yes fight. Morning commuters are some of the most aggressive people around. Riding so early in the morning with all those strangers!)
There are so many times that things look or sound unfavourable and we simply jump off, go with the crowd and never stop and look around and ultimately make a decision that works for us.
The train went back only one stop. Will I get there before the others? Not sure.

At this point, I know that what is important to me is not waiting on a cold wet platform with a bunch of angry people dressed in suits. I’ll stay here in this train. This is the decision that works for me.
The crowd is not always right, and they do not fully understand what is important to you.
Step out of the crowd. Make your own decision, and accept what happens after.

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