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Making mistakes in friendship

It’s been another great day that ended with me falling asleep in the back seat of the car again!i
I love love love to sleep in the car…I remember doing it when driving back home from a tiring day of playing at primary school…..and vaguely feeling but yet loving my dad carrying me from the car….only to wake up when we got in the house and eat a big lunch before heading out to play again! 

I learnt today that no matter why or how long you are separated from someone, it all seems to work out in the end if you especially cared for each other. You somehow let the past stay where it should… in the past, and you move on because your love for one another is stronger than the little foxes that spoilt the friendship vine.

Friends are real treasures.

Mistakes are made in friendships, but if you really really care….it all falls together somehow, with both partners all the wiser for it 😉

Sometimes you need a little time out from a friend, but don’t take too long! Days become years in no time. Take the time to sort out your feelings, but you will make your way to each other eventually.


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