One thing I learned (Again!) over the summer..

Got back from a great holiday! Lots of hiking, fresh air, steak, bratwurst, forest time, fire, ice cream…and writing! I seem to have kicked the writers block and wrote quite a bit while I was out in Thuringia.It felt so so good!
What have you guys been up to?
Well, I was using Feedly a lot to stay current with all the blogs that I really love.
For example I cannot get enough of Fast company , they always always have so many good articles for everyone,from techies,dealing with work..all kinds of yummy things.
This great article I got my job as a designer without going to design school was really great! You may have seen Karen’s video on Youtube about her teaching herself how to dance in a year as well!
What could you teach yourself everyday for a year? Makes you think doesn’t it?
Lots and lots of The American Reader on my feedly as well love the letters that they have featured like this letter from John Keats (Yes John Keats ) to Fanny Brawne. I love that they have good content that I haven’t read anywhere else.I’d like to write for The American reader one day…and feature in the New Yorker..
I’m still hosting the show Diasporan Truth on Zambia Blog Talk Radio and I have some may more ideas for some great things.So stick around and see what happens!

The biggest lesson I learnt from the holiday?

Acceptance.Why do I forget that fighting on the inside just means that whatever storm or uncomfortable situation I am in seems even more horrible. I need to accept,things are not as lovely as I would like them to be right now. That’s not defeat,that’s not just sitting around and not doing anything about it. Its stilling my heart and my mind so I can make the next step!

I love you guys! For all feedly users, new and old, please feel free to add me to the blogs you are following so you don’t miss a post!

How was your summer? What did you guys get up to? Its starting to feel like autumn especially in the evenings over here!


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