how do you get out of your own way

One way to get out of your own way

There are things that excite you..what are they?

Just write it down, don’t even think about it whether they are possible or not.

What are you great at doing?
What the things people say they wish they could do like you do? What comes easy to you?
What problems can you solve with these skills?

How can I pay my bills while doing these things?This is the question.
Now go ahead and kill the gremlins in your head telling you its not possible.

Usually, the person blocking our dreams is … ourselves. We stand in our own way. 

How does one get out of their own way?

List all the things you’re good at doing and a list of why you think it would never work out. Then go ahead and find a way around all those reasons why it wouldn’t work. If you were advising someone else about your dreams, what would you tell them to do?


  1. trudat! thats the daily struggle. honestly, the biggest obstacle in my life is me. i know i have potential and can do great things.

    but ive boxed myself in. i feel like im in an environment that encourages me to think inside the box. like, you know when you’re a child and you have that free-spirit-i-can-do-anything-i-want attitude? but then you grow into adulthood and that approach to life turns into, “but can i really do this? does that make sense? is it practical?”

    i dont like the formula that society has ingrained in our heads. school+college+graduation from college=the only way to have a good life, a good job, and make money. its this mentality that has caused me to loose my child-like spirit of being able to do anything.

    but you’re right, when it comes down to it, it is only me that is standing in my own way. my biggest struggle is finding self-motivation and breaking bad habits.

    but, im glad i recognize this. and i feel like this is realization is the first step towards the greatness and wonders that i can achieve.

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