Pay attention to your thoughts!

‘I’m really tired.’

I was surprised how many times I said this to myself the other day,
As I sat at my desk at work, not even half way through the glorious work day, I found myself saying it in my head again.

‘I’m really tired.’

I stopped.I paid attention. How long had I been saying this to myself? How long had I been tired?
I know that often enough when I have caught myself thinking that, I have quickly dispelled it and decided to grab a tea, or use the short walk to the kitchen to stretch and wake up a little more.

What if I really am tired? I finally asked myself.

That night I was in bed early. 
Early like how my mother insisted when I was still in school.
I was scrubbed, brushed and tucked in by 8pm. Yes you read that right 8 pm.
I slept through till my alarm went off at 5:30 the next morning. (Yes I get up at 5:30 everyday.)

I felt like a different person, I was awake, I was not dying to crawl back into the warm warm bed, even after finding out it was only 1 degree Celsius and icy outside.
I also did not doze off one bit on my commute back home.
I was surprised.
Some of you are like ‘DUH!’

Well….are you getting enough sleep? Are you paying attention to what your body is telling you?
Or your mind?

Found yourself saying 

‘I can’t do this anymore’ as you do something?
 Pay attention to your thoughts, and ask how you can change things.

Surprise yourself, it may be simpler than you thought.


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