How I beat boredom with podcasts.

I can’t have my head in a book all the time (Like I would really like to!) and when the commute is long, the long road stretching ahead of me, and I’m needing a new music playlist asap and have not worked on it……. enter……


Keeping me entertained, educated, and in wonder on my commute, in the office, on a Saturday when I have conditioner in my hair and the laundry is spinning.

Which ones are my favourite?

1. The Read – words cannot describe how much I have laughed, nodded in agreement and just smiled at the antics of these two. Kid Fury and Crissle

2. On being – so much goodness on this podcast, its so still, touching the heart and good content.

3.Death, Sex and Money – WNYC has some of the best podcasts out there, I’ve spoken about Radio lab before, (my other favourite). This is a new addition to my list and I am enjoying it.

4.  Mama Joyce – her humour and realness gets me all the time.Love her.

5. Terri – Helping get those dreams and goals together

If you have not heard Serial yet, do yourself a favour and join the movement. Tell me your thoughts after!

If there is a podcast you think I should definitely get on please let me know!

I’m hungry for more!

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