Rain and Yoko Ono..

What have you guys been up to?
I’ve been to Frankfurt for the weekend,writing a little bit for other blogs and talking on radio 🙂
Its rainy and cold at the moment.
I wrote a piece on Diasporan Darlings  called Love outside the colour lines ,from my personal experience.Let me know what you think!
I also wrote on my journey to my Grandfathers birthplace, doing a little self exploration.

Whilst in Frankfurt Big T, Fran Fran and I went to the Yoko Ono exhibit and I must say I was pleasantly surprised.Interactive art is so great!I got to know so much more about her then just her history with John Lennon!
I’m really glad I went,exhibits are not really my thing (I tend to yawn a lot and grow impatient with having to decipher what the  artist is trying to tell us!),but this one was very special indeed!I loved that there were so many pieces where you had to take part to experience her art.So much music she had done I did not know of.
I didn’t know she had been married before John Lennon..
I didn’t know she had a daughter before John Lennon
I didn’t know she did … I didn’t think she had a life before John Lennon now that I come to think about it..
If you ever get a chance to see her exhibits then I highly recommend.
This link is for anyone thinking of leaving their job and doing their own thing.
I like it because she honestly talks about needing the structure of working in a company than just branching out, read and think about it!
For those that have no qualm’s joking about race,this video made me laugh!
I really appreciate that you come to my blog and read it.I would love some feedback,let me know that you are a reader!
Loving you guys!

  1. I thought the Color Lines piece was good. Left a comment.

    I’ve just read the entire Mukaintu blog and loved it! What a neat project.

    Looking forward to exploring more of your work.


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