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How relying on something bigger makes you stronger.

‘I don’t have any self-confidence anymore!’
My friends fist almost pounded the coffee table the other day.
He was frustrated! 

He’s Italian, polishing his English…in Germany 🙂

I knew exactly where he was, and I knew offering any form of  ‘Its alright’ advice at this time was not going to cut it! I knew what it was like to be brushed off with hurried advice, and speaking to someone who has never been where I am at that moment.

Remember the story of Moses? (In the bible, that big book your mama hides money in or the one where you record the deaths and weddings, yeah..that one)

When God called Moses to go and speak to Pharaoh about letting the children of Israel go, Moses replied
 ‘ Lord (humble face), you know I don’t speak to well, I’ve got this stutter, and to be honest, I’ve been out here in the desert and I don’t know what the latest trends are.I don’t have an iPhone. I haven’t written out a business plan for this, the finances are not adding up.Also, I haven’t bought the domain for my website because I don’t know how to go about the hosting stuff (exaggerated humble bow of the head)’  *blink blink*

God got angry with him. Why? After all Moses was being honest (probably like you are).
Sure, you are being realistic.  Of course you really now how inadequate you are or how hopeless the situation is. But maybe you are making God angry too.
(Is this about sin again? is my being hopeless and broke making God mad, again? Doesn’t he have bigger things to be mad about? Isn’t he always mad anyway? )
Why was he angry? 
Like us, every single day, Moses was looking at his own ability.
Wasn’t it God that made his mouth?
Isn’t it God that has given you those hands? That mind? 

If we look at our own ability we come up short for the amazing things we  can do with Gods help.

How do you get Gods help? Simple. Ask

 ‘ Lord, please help me with this’
 ‘God, I haven’t spoken to you in a while and I feel bad for asking, but could you help me?’
‘Help me Lord!’
‘God, I am not even sure you exist, but I need help, I cant do this on my own’

Yes , you are human, and you come up short in many ways.
Rely on God and HIS infinite power for all things.


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  1. Barbara Walker

    A very good reminder that we are human and will come short! Humbling ourselves and asking for God’s help is the solution. Really nice Twaambo.

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