I’ve been busy.I’ve had exams non stop it seems and I have just began the summer semester…its spring and we have had some sunny days..but it was foggy today which I don’t mind because it means summer is going to be GLORIOUS!!!

I have taken a few pictures of what I have been up to…drinking savannah cider 🙂 riding my bike by the river…(the bugs were annoying),discovering new eateries..cant wait for the terrace sitting, sun bathing and eating galore!

I’ve taken pictures mostly of trees in bloom,its amazing to see,they are so beautiful!
ahhhhh, I’m going back to watching Jane Eyre and drinking my tea in my new fantastic tea pot. My hair is growing like a weed.I love it!

The Savannah is usually bought during nostalgic nights…when nothing but a cider will do!okay okay,I’m really going to go now,I need to relax. 

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