Summer of women

Are you enjoying the warm weather? (Northern hemisphere, Southern..stay warm guys *cheeky smile* )
I’m loving it,though we have had lots of rain and thunderstorms as well..if you’ve been watching the news you will note Germany has been experiencing lots of flooding!
Its been so good to ride my bike!
What is it about biking that feels so freeing?The wind in your hair and face?
I think its the nostalgic feeling of how awesome it is when you first learn how to ride! Oh the freedom! (Even if it was a tricycle at least you could get away! 🙂  )
Finding out more and more about myself as you all know has been something I have been working on..and I love finding out what makes great women think! That is why I interview them on my other blog
I’m a woman and I want to know how other women think!We isolate ourselves and make each other enemies when we can only help each other!
Speaking of which my friend Tasnim Baghdadi is changing the way the world looks at Middle Eastern women via photography
Love it!
How are you guys?
How are you staying inspired…and happy?
Let me know!

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