Take off the robe!

Do you remember how the last song of Sister Act 2 made you feel? 

The goose bumps, the joy, the tears!


Was it Lauryn Hill’s amazing vocals? Or her baggy jeans? (She wore the heck out of those!)

Or the lady doing sign language in the back ground?

Was it the fact that they were being themselves, their authentic selves and being glorious at it?

That it spoke to you and how you want to break out and rock something so boldly and greatly just as you are?

That you want to be accepted as you are?

Me too my friend, me too.

Remember when they are asked to take off their robes (Read here, what they had to wear to be accepted in the competition, to be seen as worthy) and they come on stage in their dungarees, kente shirt (ha!) , base ball caps to the back , saggy pants, doc martins…and they win. THEY WIN!!

This is what makes me tear up every time….yes they sing the heck out of the song..but mostly just as they are, inner city kids, that were abandoned/rejected for who they were, but laying within them was this immeasurable talent, that garnered a standing ovation.

Take off the robes my friend, we’d love to see the authentic you, and give you a standing ovation!


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