That summer feeling!

AHHHHH…the warm weather is here finally!!!!!! Been riding my bike at Rheinaue..this beautiful awesome park here in Bonn,and just around the city,drinking beer (BITBURGER!),licking my johgurt flavoured ice cream cone…(I really love malaga flavour as well,tastes like raisins and rum..yum!) and just chill.

Listening to Common’s “gold” and …writing lab reports!passed the half way mark in the semester..we made wine in the biotech lab..a little giggly perhaps after making that home brew but it was all good.The sun is up till 9 pm..summers are amazing here!!!

So,my favourite burger place is a place called ‘Fritte Bud’..a friend took me there after one harrowing day of science..and I proceeded to show him who was boss!Mine is the one on the left…

The next picture shows a little creek through Rheinaue,the white stuff in the water is  flowers and ‘fluff’ from the plants all around the park,its beautiful,it was like snow…and the sun is shining like that…at 8pm!

The last picture is a little reminder that love is everywhere,as Icrooned to music in my ears and sang on a slow walk home,there was a little spot of brightness that made me  smile big. I also learnt that everything has happened exactly as it was supposed to…and if something is was wrong,it will be made right.My duty is to the river…and enjoy every single moment….did i also mention the cute guys in the park flipping crepes?with nutella …..

  1. Chakiwe

    Simplicity is refreshing.. actually felt your days 🙂

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