The F word

There is so much good content online, and of you are looking for help it is always there…and sometimes you come across it when you need it most!

You know I love to share great stuff I find online, if not in December 🙂 when you get a gift from me every day….I’ll post it immediately, because..there is somewhere out there that needs it!

The F word. The scary one. The one that I run away from at top speed! The one that I hate with a passion.The one that I sometimes cannot even say out loud.

Failure (shuddered as I typed that!)


I’ve experienced failure as a student…..but as a creative? I mean I am creating my own stuff and I love it so who cares whether you love it or not?


What is Failure for? How do you deal with the emotions after failure?

My muse needs therapy…and these guys are here to help me out.

Let me know what you think!

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