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The adventure on the other side!

Met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time yesterday 🙂
One of them had had enough with living in this city and got up and left..for Bangladesh.He then proceeded to write me an email maybe 6 months later that he was happy, married and would probably die there.
Anyway, he shows up, unexpectedly, wife in tow yesterday.It was wonderful to see him! He looks so good, and is so happy, and she is not some timid Bengali bride, with jewellery hanging from her nose, shy or speaking in a whisper. She was boisterous, a good laugh and he was oh so happy!

He used to be  unhappy and he jumped, he took a chance..and now he is giddy and in love and having the time of his life.

 How about just taking a leap and seeing what’s on the other side?
It may not be your cuppa tea to get up and relocate to Bangladesh and be married in six months..what I’m saying is what small things out of your comfort zone are you afraid to do and do you not wonder what kind of happiness lies on the other side?
It starts small, like watching a movie in a genre you don’t usually watch, taking a different route home, wearing a colour you don’t really wear (I’m sorry but brown is not my thing but I have never explored different shades of brown..see where I’m going with this?)
Bangladesh is not for everyone, so I will begin by…listening to a random artist on Spotify…….)


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