The Pursued heart

You know how wonderful and beautiful it feels to be pursued.

The secret phone calls, breathing on the phone whilst you both do different things.

‘I miss you’ – Simple text message. Just three words but packs quite the punch.

She cooks you your favourite meal. She does it with a smile and serves it with an even bigger one. her eyes shine when you tell her your dreams and does not laugh but encourages you to do it.

Being pursued. It feels so good, you feel so worthy, you feel….redeemed.

You want to be wanted. There is this hole deep inside of each one of us that wants to be wanted.

Truth be told the pursuit wanes.

The text messages don’t come like you want  them to. The phone calls are far in between and when you finally have someone’s ear? They are in a hurry and are half listening.

You want to be wanted to so badly.

But sometimes you run!

Believe it or not you also…. run from people pursuing you and wanting to be close to you.

Your mum is pursuing you to have a better relationship.

Your Dad might be as hard as a rock and checked out emotionally a long time ago, but he tries to pursue you in small ways nonetheless.

We also have a higher being that is constantly pursuing us.

Don’t roll your eyes now, think about it

What do you think the God is doing while you continue to live your life?

Twiddling thumbs? Walking off and is spending time with people that pay  attention and ignores you?

To be honest, it is hard to believe that someone would keep wanting you, keep pursuing you, looking for you, finding you, rejected again by you, but still…..looking out for you, blessing you.

Is that maybe why you dont believe he continues to pursue you? Because you know that you would never continue pursuing someone that ignored you so many times?

That is why He is so good.

He keeps looking for you, pursuing you, peeking around the corner, keeping you safe. Calling your name in the forest like the photo above.

‘_________, where are you? Want to talk?’

‘About what?!’ you might growl back angrily, pulling your coat closer as you continue to trudge through the forest.

‘ Whatever you want.’

He smiles, running towards you smiling.




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