To the brave creators!

‘Ugh I totally do not like her music, did you see that she got plastic surgery?’

‘This is not my taste, I don’t even bother to pay attention to that crap’

‘Football? Are we talking about that again?’

I get that you have the right to not like anything. You also have the right to talk about it.

But if you DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING only because it gets you attention in conversations…then you’re basically crapping on people that are brave enough to go out there day after day and make something. Do something, take a chance and share their ideas to the world.

DO you know how brave that is? To take a chance and say 

‘I wrote this.’
‘I sang this song.’
‘I created this.’
Go ahead and criticize, go ahead and voice your opinion on how something is not good enough.
But if you are not out there creating something of your own and don’t know what it feels like to put yourself on the line all the time…then save it.
If you are scouring social media just to spread your bad attitude around, it will come back to get you.
Then you wonder where everyone went when you need someone to talk to…
To those creating everyday. I applaud your bravery.
Go forth and create.

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