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A proven way to deteriorate your relationships

We are deep in the throes of ‘No new friends’ ‘Tell people off on social media’ and ‘All I do is win and nobody will stop me’ mentality.

We’re trying to get our social media follower numbers up, get our businesses going, make that money because we have to live that baller life ( Insert some song by well-known rapper here!) Everyone wants to make it at any cost. Sadly at the expense of your relationships.

You MUST be extremely happy, at all costs. It is a crime for you to feel down about anything even for a second. If you do, you go for the fix, more Netflix, spend more money, porn ( yeah I said it!), post more pictures online etc

( Please note: If you are down all the time for a long period of time please seek help. Depression is not a joke!) 

You get addicted to telling your story (read: complaining) and end up being indifferent to your family and friends.

How are they doing? How are they feeling? Can you stop for a second, stop hustling, call and ask someone in your life how they are doing and really listen for an answer.

What are you doing when you don’t? Indifferent.

What does being indifferent even mean? Glad you asked!

  1. 1.
    lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.
    “she shrugged, feigning indifference”
    synonyms: lack of concern about, unconcern about, apathy about/towards, nonchalance about, lack of interest in, disregard for, obliviousness to, uninvolvement in/with;

What does this look like in real life?

Never ever asking someone else how they are doing AND taking the time to listen.

Only responding when the subject can advance/profits you.

Giving nonchalant replies ‘oh yeah? cool’

I am guilty of this.Guilty of being indifferent and using excuses like ‘I am busy.’

To be honest, I may be busy but when I do have the time my reply (email, WhatsApp, DM) could be more involved. I can let people know I am busy but when I do get back to them , I should engage better.When I don’t, I am indifferent and nothing hurts more than putting yourself out there for people that just won’t respond.

Without realising it, you know nothing about what is happening in their lives. You shamefully play catchup when you do meet them but alas, what you have left is just the dregs of a once wonderful relationship. Then you start saying they have changed..uh duh sure they did you just were not there for it, and you’re upset because you are not a significant part of their lives anymore. You cannot be a significant part of someone’s life if you are indifferent.

So, I’m working on it. Shall we do it together?





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