About me

Twaambo Kapilikisha is a public speaker, freelance writer, podcaster, and all-round great person from Lusaka,Zambia. She currently resides in Berlin Germany. Twaambo worked at trivago from 2015 to 2018 as their screen writer and later creative concept consultant, where her work focused on writing television advertising scripts for a worldwide audience, ideating for t.v spots and guiding the brand marketing team in their creative ideation and execution.


In her role, she produced advertising that marketed the company in different countries, catering to local tastes and needs, which she did very well, having written (and co written) all the scripts during this time, but she’s also highly proficient in public speaking and teaching as she can do both. A highlight of her career is when orchestrated the trivago advertsing coming up to the US election in which Mr trivago aka Tim Williams was to win over the hearts of the American people with his lofty ideas of what hotel booking life should be like under his ‘government’, also ideating and pushing for new concepts for the popular Korean market.


She is also the host of the refreshingly honest podcast ‘Tea time with Twaambo’ where she helps her audience reflect on themselves and get unstuck so they can move forward without emotional roadblocks.