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Beauty and ….shame

Why would a beautiful woman feel shame because she is beautiful?
You know her, that beautiful woman that makes heads turn,
..her smile is infectious…you look just a little longer than usual and maybe smile at her…and almost always she averts her eyes, looks downwards…she lets your compliment fade away like the morning mist in the rising sun..and you wonder why.. why does she feel… shame?

Have you ever wondered if she is ashamed of being beautiful?

Why would she do that?!

People are spending millions everyday to look just like her!!!

Think about it..from a young age people are cooing over her, how pretty she is…she basks in it…till she reaches school age..and in school she is not celebrated for JUST BEING beautiful…she learns that there is an ugliness that comes with such beauty,unfair taunts,being passed over for games because she probably has the advantage over the other girls..her classmates whispering not so nice things behind her back…beauty becomes loneliness.
She gets to high school and it turns even uglier, her best friends boyfriend makes a pass at her, glances from older men, male relatives and passersby linger just a little uncomfortably longer,her mind doesn’t seem to matter at all…this is usually where she decides if she will fight back using her beauty or hang her head in shame because she does not know what to do about it…or she does a little bit of both.
If she uses it as a weapon its fun for a while, she gets what she wants, she is adored again and it seems to be going swell, but not really, because it never seems to last long.

Then the shame creeps  in..she’s ashamed of what she has done and who she is, she is ashamed of being beautiful.She busies herself with becoming useful, with being brainy, spewing facts and jumping right in when there is a job to be done!
 She still gets attention, still from some inappropriate people, also from her fellow women, not so nice.She is ashamed of the older women who are stunningly beautiful..yet do the ugliest things.

Unwanted…attention, jealousy, gossip, strife, callousness….but this time she has created a wall around her, she is stern, she doesn’t laugh as readily as she used to, when she does it sounds the same but if you listen its a bit hollow…..she is secretly ashamed of being labelled and just simply being..beautiful.

She would rather be identified as an intellectual, a career woman, a go getter…but beautiful? 
She shakes her head…no.
It’s too painful to be so..and so she walks away, wishing she could shed it like a snake sheds its skin.

Someone needs to tell her, that its okay to be beautiful.


ps- she needs to talk to herself like a friend

  1. beautiful text, thank you
    youre beautiful

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