The Creative Young African is a guide targeted to young Africans that are hesitant about unlocking their creative potential and showcasing it to the world.  Ths book is the product of a year’s worth of experience, jumping from the coveted science field to blogging, podcasting, copywriting and making tv commercials. This guide offers you encouragement and tips on how to get started as a creative, what steps you should take and a few reminders of what is important as you go along your creative journey. Buy it here!

after failure

Have you admitted to yourself how much you fear failure?
You cherish self-improvement, your family and your friends and want a better inner environment, BUT you are so afraid of failing!
You want to be relevant, create something that people can talk about and be admired… but that does not work out so well and you then you fall flat on your face. How do you navigate through the confusing feelings after you have failed?Buy it here.


Is family time at home not the same anymore?
Are those shared moments of laughter and fun activities together a thing of the past?
Imagine being able to leave your phone in one room and being in another, not worried about notifications, missing out or a cataclysmic catastrophe happening
.Imagine enjoying time with your family or lover, living, loving and making memories.
Do you want to know how you can bring your online life under control, AND enjoy your life offline? This book is for you! Buy it here!