Diaspora Truth-The Podcast for Celebrating Young Africans

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Diaspora Truth was borne out of the need for a platform that showcased the multi-layered narrative of Africa and Africans, regardless of where they lived or what they did for a living. The most prominent narrative of the African in the diaspora was one of a child lost to it’s own voice, ancestry, and traditions while those at “home” remained behind, struggling to grow the abandoned country. When the interwebs were flooded with stories of the prodigal diasporan, the story shifted to one where the African in the diaspora had seen the error in their ways and were returning home in droves with their knowledge to “lead the new way of thinking.” Regardless of what one chooses to understand and believe, Mukuka and Twaambo felt that so many stories that didn’t fit these divergent narratives were being ignored.

We do it because we love to hear, and share stories, stories that matter, stories that exist, stories that move, and entertain.

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Listen to the violins on this one. Beautiful.

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