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How to incorporate Apple’s screen time tracker on iOS12 into your self care routine


How screen time became the new buzzword in our household.

I spent the last week with time on my hands I never knew I had. Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

I recently bought a new iPhone. No, not the iPhone X, I went for the SE, my reasons, don’t  @ me.

Ooh, how slick and how fast and so much room to have all the apps I want! Oh and iOS 12, amazing… oh what’s this? Screen time? I can see how much time I have spent staring at my phone. This is cool. A screen time feature is cool.

I’ve spent 10 hours in the last week staring at my phone? WHAT?!

That’s like a full workday of just staring, that’s 2 hours a day, that’s ….. comparisons raced through my head.

I quickly explored and rushed to adjust the settings.

How could this be? I was shocked and dismayed. You see, I prided myself on not being THAT person! ( Clearly, I was that’s why I wrote this book!)

I decided to limit how much time I spent on my phone (read: watching Instagram stories, cackling at twitter, chatting on Whatsapp and telegram, using various photo apps that have really cute filters, exploring new music on tidal, looking for cool new apps to download now that I have all this space… etc etc.)

Enough was enough! I had to take control! I had to reclaim my time!


What followed was a week of … wait for it.. baking .. reading… fasting…. manicure at home ( yes top coat and everything!), cuddles from my daughter, and making casseroles in this glorious autumn weather!

The Deets.

Are you an iPhone user? Here is how you can set it up so you too can find the time to actually do your self-care routine OR finally set up that online business!

  • Open up your settings
  • Scroll down and just below DO NOT DISTURB is a little icon with an hourglass ( otherwise known as a sand clock to some people. Sand clock! really?!!!!) Tap on that and voila!
  • Decide when your phone will go into downtime, also set a time limit for apps. There is an option for which apps you may want open at all times. This feature is important because you may want to keep apps that keep you in touch with your family open at all times, but please remember to be mindful about their use too.

A word to the sufferers of that millennial disease called FOMO.

Instagram stories are available for 24 hours. If you schedule 30 mins a day to catch up on all the Instagram fun, you will not miss a thing, and you can watch a much longer sequence of stories which is much nicer than those little snippets.

So, set up your limits and incorporate your self-care routine into your day.

What will you do with all this free time? Be bored. The best ideas come to you usually in places you least expect.

Bake a cake, write a blog post, record that podcast, cut your nails, deep condition your hair, listen to that vinyl, take a bubble bath, wander around and take photos with your expensive canon camera, talk to a friend or family member, floss, write, exfoliate with an enzyme mask because clear skin is it… I could go on.

Implement your self-care routine by updating to iOS 12 and tweaking those screentime settings. You’ll be happy you did!


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