Keep creating!

Keep creating.

Theodore Roosevelt said  ‘Comparison is the thief if joy ‘, I would say it also the thief of creativity.
Siting in a pretty bizarre cafe in Berlin, I was enjoying watching the clouds blow by.
My friend and I were sitting in the back garden which was a little wet from the rain.
We were playing music from her laptop, mine perched on my lap, lines written and rewritten, edited and thought through.
And it hit me.
I’m a creative. 
I mean I’ve always wanted to be on and had worked on being one I had just never caught myself in the act.
Wow! I was sitting here creating something, creating with someone else as well, framing thinking and analyzing.
How incredible! 
I want to achieve more, be more.
… And then I start to compare myself with other creatives, those receiving praise.
Those making money and getting the applause.
And I freeze because then I deem my own work unworthy.
 Everything I do is not so shiny, or interesting.
 Then I don’t want to create anymore. Why create something that’s not good?
But when I stick my head in the sand and just work, I am churning out good things, I am getting my creative work done and this is the only thing I need to do.
Go ahead. Bury your head in the sand and keep up with creating. 
That’s all that matters. The cheering will come. 
Even if it never does you keep creating because it’s what you love.
Another creative mind who is pursuing his passion is my friend Yannik Photography! Feel free to check him out.

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