Need healing? Talk to your sisters.

You know those days when you need to talk to someone? When self-help books just won’t cut it and the sound of an understanding voice is what will get you upbeat and out of your funk?
You don’t have a therapist ( you either think going to a therapist means you have really lost your marbles, or you cant afford one ), and your partner (bae, boo, s.o, whatever they are calling it these days  😀 ) is just not giving you back that vibration that you need ( because lets face it, they cant be everything to you, come now! )

Who do you turn to?

Duh, the women in your life! Your sisters, girlfriends, cousins etc,

There is something healing about a woman’s healthy relationship with other women, relationships where you can talk, argue, discuss and disagree (respectfully, with no hard feelings.).

These are relationships to be treasured.
They are places of healing and hope. Your sisters have been through and can help you on your journey. They can offer you a perspective you never thought of, or reassure you by agreeing with what you have always known. Friendships with sisters are places of vulnerability, honesty and laughter. (When it ceases to be so, its time to examine what has happened and how to fix it.)

Sisters will weep with you and pass you the mayo as you cheat on your diet yet again. They will go shopping with you, or side eye you when you reach your card out to swipe when you know you have no business being in the store when you’ve just come from complaining about how you never go on vacation because you have no money…

These beautiful beings.Sister. Sister girl.Girlfriend.

This is how you will find me when I am going through, when I need to get through… chopping vegetables in my kitchen, an array of spices on the countertop, my voice a little too loud.. because I have on headphones and I am on the phone with a sister.
All you can hear between talking about what is in my heart is


more listening and explaining

‘Yes! Exactly!’

More chopping and gesturing dangerously with a sharp knife

‘Tell me more about that!’

Sisters.For the long haul.

Keeping us sane. Helping each other heal one conversation at a time.

Send a sister some appreciation today and keep healing by speaking to her often about where you are in your life.

Also, listen to my podcast if your sisters are far away!





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