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One sure way to broaden your horizons.


Want broader horizons?

I’ve noticed recently that my favourite bloggers…. all read the same blogs.

I find myself nodding vigorously with something someone has written a post about, and pleasantly surprised when they quote another blog that I read. I love it!

There are lots of very popular and successful bloggers out there, and their posts are read by millions of people!


I asked myself, am I learning anything by running the same blogging circles? What else is going on in the world? What new adventures are available to me via someone’s amazing blog post?

The answer lays in being open to different kinds of blogs/ people. People that do not look or sound like what I subconsciously find acceptable. Not all that glitters is gold.

People that do not have millions of Instagram followers but write really interesting and thoughtful pieces. People who wear what I would never wear but appreciate their way of self-expression.

How can I broaden my view of life? How can I broaden my horizons?

How can YOU broaden your view of life?


1.  Explore different content: Find blogs that you do not normally read, about subjects that you would not normally be interested in. Knitting anyone? Extreme sports, the rush!

2.Reserve judgement: Hey, you never knit a thing in your life, appreciate the craft!

3. Experiment: Have you ever tried making your own lipstick? Or created your own blog banner? How about learning about another culture? Pick something simple and experiment. You may end up with something interesting to sell 🙂

We spend a lot of time online, if we are to embrace diversity in the real world…we can also do it with who we follow on social media and what we read.

Find someone that you would never EVER follow, read their posts, dive in a little and learn something new. You’ll be wiser, more open and may even like it!


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